Forgotten Dreams

Eleanor McEvoy


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AAA 100% Analogue – Direct To Disc
D2D Live Direct Cut To Vinyl – Limited Edition –

Many audiophiles all over the world are familiar with Eleanor McEvoy. There is no finer musician with which to work. Eleanor is accompanied by Damon Butcher on grand piano and plays several solo instruments herself, underscoring her beautiful voice, for this direct cut album.

When the opportunity came to work with Eleanor, as you can imagine, Chasing The Dragon jumped at it. It was decided that it would be great to record a ‘Direct Cut’ album. They have already released 5 albums using this process, where they record straight to the Neumann Lathe at Air Studios.

Eleanor put in a fantastic performance and, remember you cannot stop half way through when cutting live vinyl. She had to be note perfect on both sides. Jake, the mixer, and John, mastering engineer, also brought their ‘A game” to the session.

“I managed to steal a couple of hours to drop in this week at AIR studios for the latest recording project from Mike and Françoise Valentine of Chasing the Dragon. Singing star Eleanor McEvoy was playing electric and acoustic guitars with the Steinway and Rhodes piano accompaniments from Damon Butcher, former keyboard player with ‘The Beautiful South’, in the nicely reverberant and spacious acoustic of the main chapel. This will be Chasing the Dragon’s 6th direct cut album.” –, May 22, 2018

• Gefell/AKG/Flea Valve Microphones, AIR Custom Neve Recording Desk, Neumann VMS 80 Cutting Lathe

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Track Listings

Side A:
1. The Spanish Word for Heart is Corazon
2. The Meeting of The Waters
3. The Way You Wear Your Troubles
4. Not Quite Love
5. Fragile Wishes
Side B:
6. Gimme Some Wine
7. Slow Hand
8. If You Had A Heart
9. Carolan's Concerto
10. Pink Champagne

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