Diverse Records

Diverse Records is a vinyl only independent record label. We specialise in producing high quality audiophile vinyl releases. Our concept is not to specialize in a particular style or category, but to offer the vinyl buying public albums we consider to be outstanding examples in their genre. The bottom line is good music presented on the only format for the discerning music listener – vinyl! Our high quality standards have allied our products, not just with fans of great music, but also with hi fidelity enthusiasts. We’ve won many accolades in international Hi Fi press, including “Hi Fi Plus” awards for our overall package presentation.

We use only audiophile quality 180g heavyweight vinyl, presented in a heavy gauge card outer sleeve gatefold and inserts where appropriate, usually pressed at Europe's most renowned pressing plant, Pallas.

We pride ourselves on building a close working relationship with our artists. As a result we gain repeat business with satisfied customers, having now pressed more than one LP for such as Alison Krauss, Richard Thompson, Eleanor McEvoy, Richmond Fontaine and Kris Drever.