Dead Forever


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Originally released in 1972 by Vertigo Records. If you love 1970s hard rock and are a Black Sabbath fan, Buffalo will perfectly fit your music shelf. One of the most interesting proposals from Australia, Buffalo debuted in 1972 with this Dead Forever… a massive trip into heavy metal. Two well performed covers, Blues Image’s ‘Pay My Dues’ and ‘I’m a Mover’ by Free, an astonishing wall of dark sound and macabre cover artwork make Dead Forever a sure gem for whoever enjoys early head banging.

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Track Listings

1 Leader 6:00
2 Suzie Sunshine 2:55
3 Pay My Dues 5:33
4 I'm a Mover 10:46
5 Ballad of Irving Fink 4:30
6 Bean Stew 7:06
7 Forest Rain 6:30
8 Dead Forever 5:30

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