The Only Truth

Morly Grey

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Veiled in mystery, enshrined in the psychedelic hall of fame and shielded behind a towering wall of collectors’ greenbacks, the reputation of Morly Grey’s 1972 masterwork The Only Truth is beyond dispute. But, accessibility to this Shroud of Hard-Psych Turin has been another matter, impeded by the near- impossibility of obtaining an original pressing and the absolute plethora of shoddy bootlegs.

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Track Listings

1. Peace Officer
2. You Came to Me
3. Who Can I Say You Are
4. I’m Afraid
5. Our Time
6. After Me Again
7. A Feeling for You
8. The Only Truth
9. None Are for Me
10. Come Down
11. Love Me
12. I’ll Space You
13. Be Your King
14. Sleepy Softness*
15. Yas*

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