An Object

No Age

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With ‘An Object’, their fourth full-length album, No Age have forgone the straight and narrow route, landing in a strange and unexpected place, feet planted in fresh, fertile soil.

This new album finds drummer / vocalist Dean Spunt exploding from behind his kit, landing percussive blows with amplified contact mics, many-string bass guitars, and prepared speakers, as well as traditional forms of lumber and metal. Meanwhile, guitarist Randy Randall corrals his previously lush, spastic, sprawling arrangements into taught, refined, rats nests.

As the title ‘An Object’ suggests, these eleven tracks are meant to be grasped, not simply heard. Whether in the fine grit of Randall’s sandpaper guitar scrapes on ‘Defector/ed’, or Spunt’s percussive stomp and crack on ‘Circling With Dizzy’ and ‘An Impression’, these are songs that pivot on the sheer materiality of music-making, incorporating the process every step of the way.

These songs are hummable, political, recognizably rooted in underground rock, and informed by an understanding of sound as a material to be shaped, handled, and worked over.

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Track Listings

No Ground
I Won’t Be Your Generator
C’mon, Stimmung
An Impression
Lock Box
Running From A-Go-Go
My Hands, Birch And Steel
Circling With Dizzy
A Ceiling Dreams Of A
Commerce, Comment, Commence

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