Snares Like A Haircut

No Age

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What better time for No Age? Remember, they’re the ones who first brought you the hospital-bed feel good anthem ‘Get Hurt’ (2007). They know how to ecstatically rage and power on through pain, because what else are you going do?

‘Snares Like A Haircut’ sounds like the good stuff and smells like the buzzy burning off of an aura, the marine layer suddenly vanished, leaving a thin layer of smog over the songs, simmering sock gazing tunes, revved and displacing enormous amounts of sound soil. This is pure driving music, for the bus racer and the car driver, with too many signs, bells and little lights flashing away.

Recorded in a few days and mixed forever, ‘Snares Like A Haircut’ finds No Age in full on mode, because there was nothing else to do but go full on. In the songs inside the songs, the drums, the desperately voiced paens to determination, the churning and the stinging-but-shiny built into the structure, a promise from the 1980s echoes once again across today, for the undetermined in-between generation reality seekers.

With ‘Snares Like A Haircut’, No Age scrub the itch in the little moments, engage actively with the process and carve / plaster / shave something in an album shape that’ll last. You don’t have to drive but you can’t stay here. Let No Age do all the driving for you.

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Track Listings

Cruise Control
Stuck In The Changer
Send Me
Snares Like A Haircut
Soft Collar Fad
Secret Swamp
Third Grade Rave
Primitive Plus

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