The Very Best Of


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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Reprise
  • Released Date: 20th September 2018
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    2LP Gatefold Sleeve

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Enya’s elusive combination of classical inspiration, Celtic atmosphere and pop sensibility is evident throughout The Very Best Of as it revisits some of the most exemplary moments from an astonishing career. From her world-conquering international breakthrough “Orinoco Flow” to the sad serenity of “Only Time” that was adopted as an comforting anthem of hope in the face of 9/11, The Very Best Of captures Enya’s most beautiful work to date.

The Very Best Of encapsulates highlights from Enya’s entire career from her debut album’s “Boedicea” to the first “And Winter Came” single “Trains and Winter Rains.” Along the way it visits a remarkable collection of hit songs and enduring favourites such as “Anywhere Is,” “Caribbean Blue,” “Book of Days” and “Amarantine.” It also provides something new in the shape of a stripped-down, previously unreleased version of “Aniron” that famously featured in Peter Jackson’s “Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings.”

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Track Listings

Side 1
Orinoco Flow (2009 Remastered Version)
Storms In Africa (2009 Remastered Version)
Caribbean Blue (2009 Remastered Version)
Book Of Days (2009 Remastered Version)

Side 2
The Celts (2009 Remastered Version)
Only Time (Original Version)
Wild Child
Water Shows The Hidden Heart

Side 3
Anywhere Is (2009 Remastered Version)
Cursum Perficio (2009 Remastered Version)
Aldebaran (2009 Remastered Version)
Trains And Winter Rains

Side 4
Watermark (2009 Remastered Version)
Boadicea (2009 Remastered Version)
A Day Without Rain
May It Be
Oíche Chiúin [Chorale]

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