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Avishai Cohen

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On the occasion of his 50th birthday, Avishai Cohen offers a sumptuous present: 50 titles selected by his fans across six golden LPs in a deluxe box set.

Each title has been commented on by Avisai Cohen in a beautiful hardcover book.

Six discs pressed on 180g golden vinyl.

32-page hardcover book and poster.

Luxury gold foil printed deluxe box set.

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Track Listings

  1. Nu Nu (Continuo)
  2. Remembering (At Home)
  3. One For Mark (Continuo)
  4. Ani Maamin (Continuo)
  5. Elli (Continuo)
  6. Emotional Storm (Continuo)
  7. Calm (Continuo)
  8. Smash (Continuo)
  9. Dreaming (Seven Seas)
  10. About A Tree (Seven Seas)
  11. Seven Seas (Seven Seas)
  12. Ani Aff (Seven Seas)
  13. Morenika (Aurora)
  14. El Hatzipor (Aurora)
  15. Alon Basela (Aurora)
  16. Shir Preda (Aurora)
  17. Song Of Hope (1970)
  18. It’s Been So Long (1970)
  19. Motherless Child (1970)
  20. Ha ‘Ahava (1970)
  21. Halah (Seven Seas)
  22. Leolam (Aurora)
  23. Winter Song (Aurora)
  24. Aurora (Aurora)
  25. Shalom Aleichem (Aurora)
  26. Alfonsina Y El Mar (Aurora)
  27. Feediop (At Home)
  28. Madrid (At Home)
  29. Bass Suite #1 (Adama)
  30. Ballad For An Unborn (Duende)
  31. Continuo (Continuo)
  32. Soof (Duende)
  33. C# (From Darkness)
  34. Variations In G Minor (Gently Disturbed)
  35. The Ever Evolving Etude (Gently Disturbed)
  36. Puncha Puncha (Gently Disturbed)
  37. Elchinov (Arvoles)
  38. Face Me (Arvoles)
  39. Eleven Wives (Gently Disturbed)
  40. Lyla (Lyla)
  41. Structure In Emotion (Gently Disturbed)
  42. Seattle (Gently Disturbed)
  43. Chutzpan (Gently Disturbed)
  44. Lo Baiom Velo Balyla (Gently Disturbed)
  45. Pinzin Kinzin (Gently Disturbed)
  46. Overture ‘Noam’ Op. 1 (Almah)
  47. Song For My Brother (Almah)
  48. Arab Medley (Almah)
  49. Almah Sleeping (From Darkness)
  50. Shlosre (Almah)

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