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The long awaited new musical statement from Avishai Cohen the Bassist and Composer delivers nine freshly executed, original compositions, and one delicately distinctive arrangement.  ‚Arvoles’, which means ‘Trees’ in Ladino (the ancient language spoken by the Sephardic people of the diaspora), showcases Cohen own unique DNA and heartbeat.  Whilst being deeply rooted in trio music, ‘Arvoles’ delivers crafted stories enriched by an outstanding horn section, a sublime working unit, giving life and spirit.

Every album that Avishai Cohen has produced to date has been a natural progression from his previous work and never fails to surprise us. His signature, is now elaborated and extended into an ever evolving blend of colors of his lyrical genius, and at the same time infused with his rhythmical virtuoso, taking his distinctive craftsmanship to another level.  As with every true artist, Avishai challenges himself every time to an ever greater freedom and range of emotions, which are translated into esquisite compositions that  naturally captivates the listener.

With a focused, unique touch on piano, Elchin Shirinov from Azerbaijan, his debut, gives an utterly convincing contribution to the melodious current on this album, who is joined by Noam David, the immensely versatile and creative drummer who has again made his mark alongside Avishai as on previous occasions.   Avishai, the oarsman takes us on a boat down a powerful river that flows through a vast landscape. We are lured into a conversation on an extraordinary trip that we feel has no limits or borders.  A unique journey where its depth becomes our hope.   This trio and ensemble cannot fail to impress

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Track Listings

  1. Simonero
  2. Arvoles
  3. Face Me
  4. Gesture #2
  5. Elchinov
  6. Childhood (For Carmel)
  7. Gesture #1
  8. Nostalgia
  9. New York 90's
  10. Wings

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