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The debut LP from pop-punkers Mush! Behold ‘Thank You, We’re Mush’, an auditory experience reminiscent of Vagrant Records bands from the early aughts. Recorded by Matt Frank (Their/They’re/There, Loose Lips Sink Ships) and released by Skeletal Lightning, these seasoned punks invite you to take a closer look at yourself.

Life’s hesitations, plans and who you want to share them with. Features members of Pet Symmetry, Dowsing, What Gives, Retirement Party, Droughts. Similar Artists: Saves The Day, Into It. Over It., The Promise Ring

Limited edition colored vinyl.

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Track Listings

1. Investment For Life 02:55
2. Poppy's Wild Ride 02:57
3. Stomach Plum 02:37
4. True Love 02:44
5. Shirt 02:34
6. My Head Sucks 03:21
7. Asphalt 03:24
8. Enough 03:07
9. E34234 03:07
10. Live To Cringe 03:16

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