Sleeping Lessons

Alien Boys


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In a scene where abstruse lyrics and ironic detachment are all the rage, Alien Boys high-stakes, brash pop is as refreshing as it is surprising. Lead singer and songwriter Sonia Weber communicates subdued desires and secret grievances in the grand tradition of emo and pop-punk and rock n roll in general making the Portland, OR bands infectious debut LP Sleeping Lessons is a collection of lullabies for the pop masochist.

And like all great, emotional music, these ten dynamic songs are resonant because theyre unmistakably human. Alien Boy takes its name from a Wipers song, but elsewhere the groups PNW lineage is felt in a mordant grit gleaned from Team Dresch and early Heatmiser. It sets the tone for Weber to mix her deep-seated love of early 2000s generational touchstones with a Britpop frostiness to brilliant and totally unique results. From the tremolo dives and Stone Roses references on Ride-y opener Somewhere Without Me, to the sun-kissed, power-pop bliss of 600 Days. Webers melodies are so bright and effective its easy to forget they come from a place of absolute emotional torment.

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Track Listings

Somewhere Without Me
If We Don’t Speak
Only Posers Fall In Love
Just Kids
I Just Can’t Feel It
Hooked, Glued, You
On The Ride Back Home (You Know What I Dream Of)
600 Days
Sleeping Lessons

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