Sarah Shook & The Devil


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Very limited edition. Sarah Shook’s 2012 debut EP, pressed on vinyl for the first time. 180-gram heavyweight marbled copper vinyl with updated artwork and digital download code.

A decade ago, a refreshingly singular and rebellious young voice was starting to seep from the cracks in the floors and echo through the speakers in the walls of the cinder-block dive bars of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill region of North Carolina. The voice was that of an early-20-something Sarah Shook, who had emerged from a musically sheltered upbringing with a teenage self-educated crash course informed by classic Country & Western and punk and indie rock records. For those lucky enough to catch her in this iteration, it was obvious that Sarah Shook was on the path to an incendiary vision of country music. Her earthy alto possesses a raw-boned appeal that fits somewhere between Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson, trailing an old country and western ethos like a wagon wheel does the horse.

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