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Rut is the debut studio album from indie-pop 4-Piece Tugboat Captain.

Often cited as one of the hardest working groups in the London DIY scene, the band emerge from the sonic limitations of their previous homespun bedroom pop efforts into higher fidelity, accompanied by their ramshackle orchestra of friends to present their most ambitious work to date.

Whilst being a grand, symphonic baroquepop record, the album loses none of the intimacy of the previous work that garnered significant critical acclaim across the UK DIY community. Tugboat Captain spent the last year secretly using free studio hours at Abbey Road, inviting a wide variety of friends and collaborators to feature the new album distributed by Glaswegian labels Double A-Side Records / Last Night From Glasgow

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Track Listings

  1. Check Ur Health
  2. If Tomorrow’s Like Today
  3. Figure It Out
  4. No Plans (For This Year)
  5. C’Mon Haribo?
  6. Downward Slope
  7. Come Dig Me Out
  8. Damned Right
  9. Rut...Waking Hour
  10. Everything About You
  11. Day To Day

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