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In 1990 Neil Hannon started recording and releasing under the name The Divine Comedy. Thirty years and twelve great albums later, Hannon is rightly adjudged one of the finest singer songwriters of his generation. To celebrate, Divine Comedy Records are updating and reissuing the band’s catalogue.

‘Foreverland’ – a record about “meeting your soul mate and living happily ever after… and then what comes after happily ever after” – was first released in 2016. Mojo described it as “Funny, learned and poignant by turns,” while Uncut said it was “sumptuous, orchestral pop laced with lyrical absurdity.”

The album includes singles ‘Catherine The Great’ ‘How Can You Leave Me On My Own’ and ‘To The Rescue’.

The updated LP edition consists of the original album, packaged with a digital download code for the album plus bonus tracks of demos and alternate versions lovingly curated by Neil Hannon, much of which have never been heard before.

The LP is pressed on heavyweight black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve accompanied with photos, credits and extensive liner notes written by Neil, covering the context and inspiration behind the album and its songs.

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Track Listings

  1. Napoleon Complex
  2. Foreverland
  3. Catherine The Great
  4. Funny Peculiar
  5. The Pact
  6. To The Rescue
  7. How Can You Leave Me On My Own
  8. I Joined The Foreign Legion (To Forget)
  9. My Happy Place
  10. A Desperate Man
  11. Other People
  12. The One Who Loves You


Bonus Content (Download Only)

  1. Napoleon Complex (alternate version)
  2. How Can You Leave Me On My Own (alternate version)
  3. Them Chattering Teeth The Pact (demo)
  4. Desperate Man (demo)
  5. Your Lucky Day I Joined The Foreign Legion (early idea)
  6. Breakfast (To Our Fathers In Distress demo)
  7. Reconnecting (To The Rescue early idea)
  8. To The Rescue (demo)
  9. One Ear Up, One Ear Down (demo)
  10. Catherine The Great (demo)
  11. Pictures (alternate Foreverland)
  12. ARP Break My Happy Place (demo)
  13. Just Can't Get Enough The One Who Loves You (demo)
  14. C'est Si Bon I Joined The Foreign Legion (alternate version)
  15. Who Were We (demo)

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