Our Mother The Mountain

Townes Van Zandt


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Our Mother The Mountain was Van Zandt’s second album, and is widely acknowledged as his first classic. Recorded in California in the Spring of 1969, once again produced by Jack Clement, it featured a stellar cast of West Coast session musos, notably James Burton, Charlie McCoy, Don “Richie” Frost and Don Randi.

Also released on Egger’s chronically under-funded Poppy label, it once again received no marketing support and was subsequently doomed to cult status, making minimal commercial impact. However, this time around the arrangements and production values complemented the songs pretty much perfectly, and the album was critically well-received.

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Track Listings

1. Be Here To Love Me
2. Kathleen
3. She Came And She Touched Me
4. Like A Summer Thursday
5. Our Mother The Mountain
6. Second Lover`s Song
7. Saint John The Gambler
8. Tecumseh
9. Snake Mountain Blues
10. My Proud Mountains
11. Why She`s Acting This Way

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