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“There is only one Bobby Bare, Jr.” JIM JAMES (My Morning Jacket)

Bobby Bare, Jr. could’ve phoned in a career. He could’ve exploited the fact that he was born into Nashville’s Music Row elite, but instead he’s blazed his own path of unique songwriting craftsmanship with a voice that blows through you like an unyielding wind on the desolate prairie.

Undefeated is BBJ’s first release since 2010, and is what he calls his “break-up record”, but the whole of it is much more involved: this isn’t escapism, it’s an emotional survival guide. Here are reality checks, clever word-play, and daring arrangements with raw and varied textures, channelling everything from mirror-ball gazing 70’s R&B/soul, to bright ballads from the hills and hollers of Venice Beach, to Bobby’s own country music DNA. From anyone else, this refusal to play it on the straight and narrow might sound cluttered or disjointed, but Bobby never even breaks a sweat.

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North of Alabama By Mornin'
If She Cared
The Big Time
Don't Wanna Know
The Elegant Imposter
My Baby Took My Baby Away
Blame Everybody (But Yourself)
As Forever Became Never Again
Don't Stand At The Stove

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