Ode to a Friend

Old Sea Brigade

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Old Sea Brigade releases his highly anticipated full-length debut Ode to a Friend. While the songs remain rooted in Americana, indie, rock, and ambient soundscapes, they also toss and turn between analog cinematic flourishes and provocative lyricism. At times singer-songwriter, other times indie-rock – no matter the inspiration behind the mélange of styles, Cramer has created a soundscape of the utmost sincerity and beauty. Throughout Ode…Old Sea Brigade tackles one of life’s most complex crises: how to make each day’s fleeting moments amount to something. It’s these deeply introspective, meditative songs that make Old Sea Brigade so compelling.

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Track Listings

1. Sinkhole
2. Seen A Ghost
3. Feel You
4. Resistance
5. Hope
6. Stay Up
7. Western Eyes
8. Straight Through The Sun
9. Want It Again
10. Cigarette
11. Ode To A Friend

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