By Blood

Shovels And Rope

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‘I won’t fail you when I walk out on the wire,’ sing South Carolina natives Carry Ann Hearst and Michael Trent, AKA Shovels & Rope, and it’s not just talk; they really walk the walk. The husband and wife duo are veterans of a decade long career, touring, curating the excellent High Water Festival for the past few years, recording everything themselves in their home studio, and above all producing consistently brilliant music. Their latest offering ‘By Blood’ is no exception to this trend.

Underpinning the musical shenanigans is the storytelling heart of the duo. They frequently focus on flawed characters struggling to make sense of their place in the world, who are often undone by this struggle. These sort of tragic vignettes build on a rough and ready American mythology that will be familiar to fans of the Felice Brothers, and make very engaging and enjoyable song subjects.

Above all, the duo’s chemistry really shines through and lifts every aspect of the record. The ‘blood’ of the title track is apparently a message to their young daughter about the unbreakable union of family, and this commitment certainly informs the record in a deep way. They are more than the sum of their parts; see, once again, some videos of live performances, where Hearst and Trent alone manage to muster the energy and presence of a six-piece band, whilst retaining the intimacy of a duo.

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Track Listings

Side A
I'm Comin' Out
Mississippi Nuthin'
The Wire
C'mon Utah!
Carry Me Home

Side B
Twisted Sisters
Good Old Days
Pretty Polly
By Blood

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