My All New Life Story

Bobo Jenkins


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Bobo Jenkins’s first recordings came out on the Chess, Fortune and Boxer labels in the 1950s. This 12 song LP compiles his 1970s output of incredibly raw and stripped down blues. The tracks included were recorded using a revolving door of Detroit musicians during late night/all night sessions in Bobo’s makeshift Detroit recording studio and record shop and were originally released on his own Big Star Records. It would come as no surprise to find out that bands like The Cramps and The Gories had copies of these singles in their collections.

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Track Listings

A1 New 44 Blues (4:11)
A2 I Love That Woman (3:31)
A3 First Left Home (3:57)
A4 Shake Em On Down (2:26)
A5 Here I Am A Fool In Love Again (3:24)
A6 Watergate Blues (3:56)

B1 If You Were The Only Woman (2:33)
B2 Share Cropper Blues (2:52)
B3 Trying To Get You Off My Mind (3:12)
B4 I Sure Got To Leave Your Town (3:14)
B5 You Will Never Understand (2:39)
B6 24 Years (3:12)

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