Modern Guilt


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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: DGC Import
  • Released Date: 23rd December 2017
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The new album contains 10 new songs, and with the exception of last year’s Grammy-nominated, digital-only single ‘Timebomb’, ‘Modern Guilt’ is the first new material Beck has written since the prolific stretch that produced 2005’s ‘Guero’ and 2006’s universally acclaimed ‘The Information.’

‘Modern Guilt’ is a tightly assembled group of songs that range in lyrical tone from introspection and social commentary to off the cuff wordplay and lighthearted humor. Musically, the album’s ten tracks vacillate between economy and experimentation, hybrid and pop classicism, while consistently manifesting Beck and Danger Mouse’s shared interest in psych-rock, folk, electronic minimalism and orchestration.

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Track Listings

1 Orphans
2 Gamma Ray
3 Chemtrails
4 Modern Guilt
5 Youthless
6 Walls
7 Replica
8 Soul Of A Man
9 Profanity Prayers
10 Volcano

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