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On Goose Bumps, Connecticut’s Boyscott present ten upbeat tracks that forge together elements of surf rock and bedroom pop.

Weaving these supple sounds of yore into the techniques of today, Boyscott’s distinct bedroom recorded bops betray the limitations of their modest studio situation with a sonic depth not commonly associated with lo-fi projects. Originally released in 2015, Goose Bumps is getting its first vinyl reissue with a co-release by Topshelf Records and Babe City Records.

Although it took a few years of rotating casts, various makeshift studio experiences, and over a hundred shows, Boyscott have clearly carved out their own place in the world, garnering millions of streams and selling out many DIY physical pressings in the process.

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Track Listings

  1. Sleepwalk
  2. Blonde Blood
  3. Nova Scotia 500
  4. Marco Polo
  5. Sink- ing Down
  6. RIP Sophie Moore
  7. Killer Whale
  8. Lake House
  9. Embarrassingly Enough
  10. Sleepaway

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