Cannot Be, Whatsoever

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The process began with the album’s second track ‘I Feel Better’ – the writing of which set Lacey on an optimistic path. Single LP made from recycled vinyl, housed in full-colour printed inner sleeve and reverse board outer sleeve. Includes square full-colour print with hand- stitched border. As the record is made using recycled vinyl pellets, every one will be unique, no two colours will be the same. All cardboard used is FSC certi- fied. Although not an album devoid of solemn moments, ‘Cannot Be, Whatsoever’ is loaded with thoughtful reflection and re-discovery, and as a result it’s both poignant and uplifting. In Lacey’s own words, this new music is “a shift towards the light” which is perfectly introduced by ‘Opaline’ today containing its own fulfilling lyric “Now I feel like I’m finally me”.

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Track Listings

  1. Opaline
  2. I Feel Better
  3. Decimal
  4. No Plans
  5. Birdcage
  6. Keep Me
  7. Hal- loween
  8. Statue Of A Woman
  9. If We re Being Honest
  10. Guestbook

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