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The main thing you need to know about Dearly Beloved is that you’ll hear them coming: they generate a furious sonic rumble that resonates from deep inside themselves, shaking the foundations of all you hold dear, and it’s one of the loudest sounds you’ll ever hear. Together, they thrash and howl and harmonize and bring equal parts melodiousness and dissonance to spin tales of defiance and exploration while maintaining a sense of humour and fun in the face of hard times and modern absurdity. They tour constantly, in their native Canada, in the UK, all over Europe. Fully-fledged keepers of the rock n’ roll flame, but with the speed and primal energy of hardcore punks like Fear and Black Flag mixed with the brooding ‘eaviosity of Sabbath and the his / her vocal interplay of The Pixies.

For fans of>> Queens Of The Stone Age, Gluecifer, Queens Of The Stone Age.

Vinyl is 180g vinyl plus poster

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