Big Daddy

Bukka White


Barcode: 0824247022010

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  • Genre: Blues
  • Label: Sutro Park
  • Released Date: 18th June 2012
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    180g 1LP

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This 1973 release features songs that span Bukka White’s career including some of his last recordings. At the time, White played on Beale Street in Mississippi regularly, and his chops are are dead on and his feel simply grooves. His improvisational vocal style along with his driving playing make this record a final Memphis party and show why he was one of the Kings of the Blues. Originally on Biograph, available for the first time since its original release on 180g vinyl courtesy of Sutro Park.

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Track Listings

1. Black Cat Bone Blues
2. 1936 Triggertoe
3. Cryin’ Holy Unto The Lord
4. Shake My Hand Blues
5. Sic ‘Em Dogs On
6. Gibson Hill
7. Mama Don’ ‘Low
8. Hot Springs Arkansas
9. Jelly Roll Workin’ Man
10. Black Crepe Blues
11. Glory Bound Train
12. Aberdeen Mississippi Blues

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