Wowee Zowee


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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Matador
  • Released Date: 13th November 2020
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‘Wowee Zowee’, originally released by Matador in April 1995 on the eve of Pavement’s infamous mud-bespattered mainstage appearance at Lollapalooza, began life as a controversial release. Fresh off the success of ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain’ with its chart-topping Modern Rock hit ‘Cut Your Hair’, the band went into the studio and came out with a deliberately chaotic and eclectic album that sounded nothing like its predecessor. With influences from the Groundhogs to the Frogs, Captain Beefheart to the more obscure mid-80s central California hardcore bands featured on Maximum Rock’n’Roll comp ‘Not So Quiet On The Western Front’, Wowee Zowee confused critics and alienated fans.

“A masterpiece” – Rolling Stone

“This album – and this band – is monument to camaraderie, absurdity, and the beauty of creation for creation’s sake” – Stereogum

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Track Listings

  1. We Dance
  2. Rattled By The Rush
  3. Black Out
  4. Brinx Job
  5. Grounded
  6. Serpentine Pad
  7. Motion Suggests
  8. Father To A Sister Of Thought
  9. Extradition
  10. Best Friends Arm
  11. Grave Architecture
  12. AT & T
  13. Flux = Rad
  14. Fight This Generation
  15. Kennel District
  16. Pueblo
  17. Half A Canyon
  18. Western Homes

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