When the Heart Dances

Laurence Hobgood


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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Label: Naim Jazz
  • Released Date: 16th December 2013
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    180g 2LP
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This album is truly a meeting of three jazz giants: gifted pianist, composer and arranger, Laurence Hobgood, colossus of the double bass, Charlie Haden and Grammy Award winning vocalist, Kurt Elling.
Described by Dave Brubeck as “one of the most incredible pianists I have ever heard”, Hobgood has, apart from his solo work, been directing Kurt Elling’s Blue Note (and now Concord) recordings for fifteen years and has accrued his own Grammy Nomination for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying A Vocal Performance for his work on Elling’s Flirting With Twilight.
Playing alongside the man described by allabout jazz.com as “one of the finest pianists out there. Period.” is the man long regarded as one of the worlds’ greatest living bass players, Charlie Haden. Now in his 72nd year, Haden first made a name from himself in the late fifties with the forward-thinking, and at the time revolutionary, quartet alongside Ornette Coleman. Subsequently he played as part of Keith Jarrett’s Trio and American Quartet. Constantly in demand with an arduous touring and recording schedule, Charlie graciously found the time to add his sonorous bass contributions to this momentous recording.
The pre-eminent male jazz singer of his generation, Kurt Elling agreed to contribute to When The Heart Dances, by adding vocals on three tracks. Elling, who now records for Concord/Universal, has a rich baritone voice that spans four octaves and displays astonishing technical facility and emotional depth. He has now accumulated seven Grammy Award nominations.
Produced by Laurence Hobgood.

Laurence Hobgood – piano
Charlie Haden – double bass
Kurt Elling – vocals (track 3, 6, 10)
Recorded at Roy O Disney Music Hall, Valencia, California and GoodSpeed Hall, University of Chicago
Recorded in True Stereo analogue and mastered by Ken Christianson, Pro Musica, Chicago
Pressed on 180gm vinyl at Optimal Media, Germany.

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Track Listings

Que Sera Sera
When the Heart Dances
First Song
Stairway to the Stars
New Orleans
Why Did I Choose You
The Cost of Living

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