We Are Ever So Clean

Blossom Toes


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Initially known as the Ingoes, Brian Godding (b. 19 August 1945, Wales; guitar, vocals, keyboards), Jim Cregan (b. James Cregan, 9 March 1946, Yeovil, Somerset, England; guitar/vocals), Brian Belshaw (b. 25 February 1944, Wigan, Lancashire, England; bass/vocals) and Kevin Westlake (b. 5 March 1947, Eire, d. 29 September 2004; drums) became Blossom Toes in 1967 upon the launch of manager Giorgio Gomelsky’s Marmalade label. The same year’s We Are Ever So Clean was an enthralling selection, astutely combining English pop with a quirky sense of humour. The grasp of melody offered on “Love Is” or “What’s It For” was akin to that of the Idle Race or the Beatles, while the experimental flourish on “What On Earth” or “Look At Me I’m You” captured the prevailing spirit of 1967. If Only For A Moment marked the departure of Westlake, who was replaced, in turn, by John “Poli” Palmer (b. John Michael Palmer, 25 May 1943, Evesham, Worcestershire, England), then Barry Reeves. A noticeably heavier sound was shown to great effect on the revered “Peace Loving Man”, but the set was altogether less distinctive. The quartet was dissolved in 1970, but while Belshaw and Godding rejoined Westlake in B.B. Blunder, Cregan formed Stud with Jim Wilson and Charlie McCracken, before joining Family. He later found fame with Cockney Rebel and Rod Stewart. Original Blossom Toes records are highly collectable, although the Sunbeam Records label reissued both albums in 2007. A reappraisal is long overdue.

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Track Listings

1. Look At Me I'm You
2. I'll Be Late For Tea
3. Remarkable Saga Of The Frozen Dog
4. Telegram Tuesday
5. Love Is
6. What's It For
7. People Of The Royal Parks
8. What On Earth
9. Mrs Murphy's Budgerigar
10. I Will Bring You This And That
11. Mister Watchmaker
12. When The Alarm Clock Rings
13. Intrepid Balloonist's Handbook Vol.1
14. You
15. Track For Speedy Freaks
16. Everybody's Talking
17. Look At Me I'm You
18. I'll Be Late For Tea
19. Mister Watchmaker
20. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
21. BBC Interview
22. Love Is
23. Collects Little Girls
24. Hometime
25. Looking Up I'm Looking Back

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