Watch the Stars

Dorris Henderson With John Renbourn


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  • Genre: Folk
  • Label: Stamford Audio
  • Released Date: 24th February 2017
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    180g 1LP

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In 1967, Fontana Records released ‘Watch The Stars’, an album of folk, blues and haikus by stunning Los Angeles vocalist Dorris Henderson, with John Renbourn, the peerless guitar player whose solo work, and that with Bert Jansch, had marked him out as one of the most important musicians of the sixties. Legendary bass player Danny Thompson, Renbourn’s bandmate in The Pentangle, also appears on the album.
It is a bewitching mixture of traditional folk music, originals by Dorris, including a collaboration with Anne Briggs, ‘Mosaic Patterns’, and covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot and Billie Holiday, among others.
This folk/beat classic has become a much sought-after record, having never been repressed on vinyl, until now…
Stamford Audio is pleased to announce the 2017 release of a special 50th Anniversary edition of this important and beautiful record, on high quality 180g vinyl, cut and pressed in the UK, with
a front-laminated sleeve, like the original, and a colour illustrated inner.
Licensed from Fledg’ling Records, this edition also includes an extra track, the Arthur Lee-penned ‘Message to Pretty’, which had originally appeared as the ‘A’ side of Fontana single TF811 with ‘Watch the Stars’ on the flip side.

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When you hear them cuckoos hollerin'
It's been a long time
30 days in jail
No more my Lord
Watch the stars
There's anger in this land
Mosaic patterns
Tomorrow is a long time
For lovin' me
Come up horsey
God bless the child
The time has come,
Poems of solitude: Poems of my heart/Eighteen tedious ways/Magic string
Lonely mood
Gonna tell my Lord
Message to pretty

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