Until The End Of The World

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Wim Wenders’ 1991 contemplative thriller Until the End of the World tells the story of a man’s obsessive search to complete a fascinating invention, a woman’s reckless pursuit of a mysterious stranger and the interlocking fortunes of a worldwide quest. Also boasting one of the best soundtracks of the ’90s, the star packed pop/rock affair peaked at No. 114 on the Billboard chart and includes songs by The Talking Heads, Lou Reed, Can, R.E.M, Elvis Costello, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, T-Bone Burnett, U2, Daniel Lanois and Depeche Mode among others. U2’s title track had previously been released on their album Achtung Baby earlier the same year, albeit in a different version while all of the additional tracks were original contributions.

“…the fact is that these 19 tracks (13 originals songs, two covers, four Revell cues) represent one of the most consistent, best-sequenced entries in the hit-or-miss companion-album subgenre, and one of the few that can be comfortably played from start to finish,” wrote The AV Club. “It was a masterful mixtape: an atmospheric instrumental featuring a member of the ECM Records roster, followed by the last-ever song by a seminal band, then an Elvis cover produced by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti circa Twin Peaks – all within the first three tracks.”

This is the soundtrack’s first U.S. release on vinyl with several tracks from the CD edition (by Patti & Fred Smith, Jane Siberry with KD Lang, T-Bone Burnett, and Graeme Revell) making their debut on the format.

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  1. Graeme Revell - Opening Titles
  2. Talking Heads - Sax and Violins
  3. Julee Cruise - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
  4. Neneh Cherry - Move With Me (Dub)
  5. Crime & The City Solution - The Adversary
  6. Lou Reed - What's Good
  7. CAN - Last Night Sleep
  8. REM - Fretless
  9. Elvis Costello - Days



  1. Graeme Revell - Claire's Theme
  2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - (I'll Love You) Till The End of the World
  3. Patti Smith & Fred Smith - It Takes Time
  4. Depeche Mode - Death's Door
  5. Graeme Revell - Love Theme
  6. Jane Siberry with KD Lang - Calling All Angels
  7. T-Bone Burnett - Humans From Earth
  8. Daniel Lanois - Sleeping in the Devil's Bed
  9. U2 - Until the End of the World
  10. Graeme Revell - Finale

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