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When 6 String Drag first appeared on the scene in 1993, the Americana scene was still in its infancy. As one of the earliest alt-country bands of the era a point in time at which Uncle Tupelo was winding down, Whiskeytown hadnt yet formed, and scene bible No Depression was still a couple of years away from launching, the quartet, headed up by guitarist/vocalist Roby and bassist Rob Keller, played a major role in eventually making the term Americana part of the musical lexicon. Now, with the impending arrival of a new album titled Top of the World, 6 String Drag broadens its collective purview, incorporating classic British Invasion pop, tough-as-nails 70s rock and punk, and more. The album, due out TKTK, will be available on digital, CD and vinyl. Top of the World contains 11 gems that are both unique in their own right and uniquely 6 String Drag, from pumping opener Never Turn My Back on You Again and the pub-rocking, rebels-kinda-with-a-cause Small Town Punks. I think some of the songs lean towards influences of certain artists, but not as an overall approach to a whole album. We have always listened to classic bands like the Kinks, Stones, Beatles, Them and Van Morrison, The Band, etc. And theres the whole punk rock and 70s rock thing that always comes into play. The whole band had actually been getting into Rockpile and Thin Lizzy when we were in the process of making the record, so that probably seeped in on this record a little.

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Track Listings

1. Never Turn My Back On You Again
2. Wrong Girl
3. Small Town Punks
4. Top Of The World
5. Every Time She Walks On By
6. Let's Fool Around Til The End Of The World
7. Waste Of Time
8. I Wish You Would
9. Be Like You
10. Jennifer Wren & The Crow I Know
11. Robert & Lucy

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