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Of the four bands represented on the Dunedin Double EP, the early 80’s Flying Nun release that introduced that city’s fledging indie sound to the wider world The Stones are probably the least remembered and least appreciated. The Stones were birthed by singer/guitarist Wayne Elsey’s decision to quit ‘Bored Games’ to ‘start a band that sounded like The Clean. Their début came on the 25th April 1981 at an Otago University a gig headlined by Bored Games (Shayne Carter) and new comers The Chills and Verlaine’s (a line up which in retrospect, would make any Flying Nun/low fi pop fan drool). Elsey’s vision for a band that sounds like The Clean didn’t really come to fruition. The Stones were too bright to not to create their own sound one wrapped in braggadocio and swagger. Fast, aggressive guitars, driving rhythm section with a knack for fluid pop structures. Charismatic and smart The Stones had the ability to sound completely empathetic and threatening all at once. As all good things, The Stones were not to last, releasing one full length ‘Another Disc Another Dollar’ before breaking up two years in. The band were part of the wave of Dunedin bands popular around the country and mystery to the middle. The band site the $38 dollars earned opening for Tall Dwarfs a career highlight. Compilation curated by New Zealand/Noise legend Bruce Russell (The Dead C, Xpressway Records). Liner notes by Shayne Carter and illustrations from Chris Knox. Printed inner sleeve, 12×12 insert and DL Code w/bonus unheard live recordings.

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Track Listings

Gunner Ho
See Red
At the Café
Something New
Final Days
Down and Around
Funky Conversations
Surf’s Up
Fad World

Download Bonus Live Tracks
It’s a Shame
We Live, Everywhere Man
Diamond Dirt
Think About It
Looking at You
Ward 9, Route 69

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