These Trails

These Trails

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  • Label: Drag City
  • Released Date: 16th May 2011
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Reissuing a rare, privately pressed Hawaiian LP from 1973, These Trails\’ self-titled debut documents a singularly exotic strain of acid-folk. Ethereal male/female harmonies soar over rich melodies and traditional island instrumentation to create gorgeously verdant psychedelia that captures the very essence of tropical paradise. In addition to conventional Hawaiian elements like slack guitar and swaying rhythms, These Trails integrate Far Eastern sounds like tabla and sitar into the equation, further expanding the music\’s otherworldliness. From its effortless evocation of ocean waves to lush arrangements that capture the beauty and mystery of jungles glistening in the morning dew, no other record sounds quite like this one. ~ Jason Ankeny

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Track Listings

A1 These Trails
A2 Our House in Hanalei
A3 Of Broken Links
A4 El Rey Pescador
A5 Psyche I - Share Your Water
A6 Hello Lou

B1 Rusty's House & Lost in Space
B2 Psyche II
B3 Sowed a Seed
B4 Rapt Attention
B5 Waipoo
B6 Garden Botanum

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