The Excitement Of Maybe

Exene Cervenka


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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Bloodshot
  • Released Date: 27th February 2011
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Many know Exene as a lead member and co-founder of the legendary Los Angeles punk rock band, X. While that’s a good place to begin, it hardly defines her. Following the formal breakup of X—a band she still performs with on occasion— Exene continued her transformation into a more formidable solo artist by continuing to write musically with the release of two critically acclaimed solo albums (1989’s Old Wives’ Tale and 1990’s Running Scared), within the print medium through poetry and books, in spoken word performances, and as a visual artist.

The Excitement of Maybe is the next chapter. Maybe it’s the one that follows the run-in with an unexpected adventure, where the simplicity of real life seems more attractive than even the most exotic of circumstances.

Features appearances by Dave Alvin (The Blasters, X) and Christian McBride (Diana Krall, Chick Corea, Sting)

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Track Listings

1 Already In Love
2 Brand New Memory
3 Alone In Arizona
4 Falling
5 I Wish It Would Stop Raining
6 Turning With the World
7 Dirty Snow
8 Beyond You
9 Someday I'll Forget
10 Half Past Forever
11 I'll Admit It Now
12 Love and Haight

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