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Mikey Erg


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Mikey Erg has played on a lot of records. He has also toured extensively for the better part of two decades in literally countless bands It’s possible that not even Mikey himself could come close to listing them all. To start with, there is of course the band from which he gets his namesake: The Ergs!, New Brunswick, NJ basements’ favorite sons, in which Mikey played drums, sang and was principle songwriter.

Comedian and fellow Don Giovanni Records alum Chris Gethard pegged Mikey to play drums in the house band for his weirdo, fringe late night TV show, The Chris Gethard Show. Since the disbanding of The Ergs!, Mikey has fostered a solo project that has kept him super busy performing all over the world. The album was produced by Jeff Rosenstock who last year, produced albums by Laura Stevenson, The Smith Street Band, and Dan Andriano of The Alkaline Trio.

For a musician with as many notches in his belt as Mikey Erg, it can be difficult to determine the impact of, and weigh the meaning behind each particular release. But Tentative Decisions is the closest thing you can get to an unaltered Mikey expression, maybe even moreso than some of the most celebrated albums he’s released over the years.

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Faulty Metaphor
Boys & Girls
Comme Si About Me
An Abundance Of Julies
Scenic Turnout
Waiting Out The Winter
(this Is Not) The First Time
Song For New Britain
Apart Time
1001 Smashed Motel Rooms
NyQuil & Sudafed

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