Steady On (30th Anniversary Acoustic Edition)

Shawn Colvin


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Newly-recorded, solo acoustic version celebrating the 30th anniversary of Grammy award winning Steady On.

Shawn Colvin’s debut album, Steady On, was released in October 1989, a stunning introduction to an artist who quickly established herself as a mainstay in the singer-songwriter genre. The album was lauded for its confessional songwriting and well-crafted melodies, and for Colvin’s tender and provocative vocals. Colvin received the ultimate acknowledgement for Steady On when she was awarded the GRAMMY award for Best Contemporary Folk Album. She swiftly amassed a dedicated and passionate fanbase, to whom this album remains very special. This September, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of this landmark album, Colvin will be releasing a newly-recorded, solo acoustic version. Colvin brings a 30-year lens to her treasured songs, casting new light on the stories she first told as a young artist. Colvin has always been hailed as an exemplary solo acoustic performer and these new recordings are a brilliant showcase for her enduring artistry. Oct. 24th – Shawn is being inducted into the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame, along with Lyle Lovett and Buddy Guy. The program will be recorded that evening in Austin and air on PBS stations nationwide on New Year’s Eve. Bruce Hornsby will induct her.

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Track Listings

1. Steady On
2. Diamond In The Rough
3. Shotgun Down The Avalanche
4. Stranded
5. Another Long One
6. Cry Like An Angel
7. Something To Believe In
8. The Story
9. Ricochet In Time
10. The Dead Of The Night

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