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Born out of block parties, college dorm rooms, and late-night house sessions, hip-hop supergroup Spillage Village was founded by Atlanta duo Earthgang and rapper J.I.D. and were then joined by producer Hollywood JB and artist Jurdan Bryant. The quintet self-released their first collaborative project, Bears Like This (2014) to a warm reception. Soon after singer Mereba and rapper 6lack joined the group and released their second critically acclaimed effort, Bears Like This Too (2015) with press dubbing it “a definitive statement from one of Atlanta’s most musically vibrant posses.” Since then, the group has grown exponentially to include an eclectic group of musicians, with Benji joining as the latest addition to Spillage Village. While each artist boasts a successful solo career, the combination of their efforts makes for a captivating display of soul-serving music.

The theme of their highly anticipated album Spilligion is heavily centered in religious texts and scripture and the ways in which they metaphorically reflect the current state of the world. In an attempt to harness the power found in the community amongst a global pandemic, climate change, and civil uprisings, Spilligion encourages listeners to look past religion or creed. Instead, it pushes for the prioritization of reclaiming strength and energy while celebrating every element of Black music. The record also features a star-studded list of guest artists including Chance the Rapper, Lucky Daya, Ari Lennox, and Masego. Each track on Spilligion borrows its name from religious texts and scriptures.

Single “Hapi” is an uplifting and hopeful exploration. Dungeon Family’s Big Rube also contributes a spoken word portion to the track at its conclusion. “Hapi,” follows the previously shared singles, “Baptize” and “End of Daze.” “Your freedom is beyond anyone outside of yourself’s controllin’, it can’t be bought and sold, given away, or even stolen,” Big Rube proclaims. “It’s a divine entitlement, vital to the nourishment of the soul.”

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Track Listings

  1. Intro
  2. Baptize
  3. PsalmSing
  4. Ea'Alah (Family)
  5. Mecca
  6. Judas (ft. Chance The Rapper, Ari Lennox, Buddy and Masego)
  7. Oshun
  8. Cupid (ft.Lucky Daye)
  9. Shiva
  10. End of Daze
  11. Hapi (ft. Big Rube)
  12. Jupiter

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