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Reissue of the debut album from youthful Cardiff powerpop quintet whose influences range from 80s pop heroes like Prince and The Police, through Britpop acts such as Stereophonics and Blur, all the way to hardcore staples Refused and Glassjaw. The resultant concoction is a gloriously melodic, slick, super-catchy and restlessly propulsive racket which has seen kids pogoing all over the UK. Includes the singles \’Easy Tiger\’, \’Give Me What I Want\’ and \’Saturday\’.

The vinyl is limited to 500 with 300 pressed on green which is avaliable to record stores and will be released August 6th.

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Track Listings

1. Fisticuffs
2. Easy Tiger
3. Give Me What I Want
4. Saturday
5. Lovely Bones
6. Shameless
7. Girls
8. Good Boys Gone Rad
9. Dance All Night
10. Pillow Talk
11. Raise Hell
12. Church Tongue

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