Share The Wealth

Nels Cline Singers, The

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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Label: Blue Note
  • Released Date: 8th January 2021
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On Nels Cline’s 3rd Blue Note release Share The Wealth (release date: November 13), the sonic explorer and guitar renegade delivers a potent and provocative program of spontaneous, uncompromising, and ultimately compelling music with an expanded edition of his long-running project The Nels Cline Singersfeaturing saxophonist and punk-jazz iconoclast Skerik, keyboard marvel Brian Marsella, bass powerhouse Trevor Dunn, longtime collaborator and drummer Scott Amendola, and Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista. Together they revel in swirling, evocative soundscapes brimming with ferocious skronking and uninhibited stretching on this dynamic double album. “This band has never even played a live gig together,” explains the intrepid improviser and Wilco band member. “So basically, the whole thing was an experiment. We recorded all these jams with the idea that I was going to take tiny fragments of them and create this kind of cut-and-paste, collaged, psychedelic record like an Os Mutantes record or something crazy like that. But when I listened back to these jams, I liked them so much that I wanted to keep them intact. And some of the most startling transitions, they’re not edits. They just happened in the course of these long improvisations in the studio, almost like magic.” Recorded in just two days at The Bunker in Brooklyn with Cline and Eli Crews co-producing, Share The Wealth is by far Cline’s most fiercely experimental, cutting-edge Blue Note outing to date. “What little material I brought into the session we just learned and recorded it on the spot,” he explained. “I didn’t even send music out ahead of time. We just played it down in the studio.”

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Track Listings

1. Segunda
2. Beam/Spiral
3. Nightstand
4. Stump The Panel
5. Headdress
6. Princess Phone
7. The Pleather Patrol
8. Ashcan Treasure
9. A Place on the Moon
10. Passed Down

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