School Of Velocity

Miaoux Miaoux


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Long awaited second album from Glasgow-based producer Miaoux Miaoux, channelling Prince, Scritti Politti and LCD Soundsystem to create a dazzlingly eclectic slice of electro pop.

Almost three years since the band’s debut album, ‘Light Of The North’, Chemikal Underground are proud to announce the release of the exceptional follow up, ‘School Of Velocity’.

The album picks up the baton from the high gloss, hook-laden electronic pop of ‘Light Of The North’ and, as the title suggests, sprints through time and hyperspace at a pace that is little short of breathtaking.

The vinyl format is limited to 300 copies on heavyweight vinyl and includes a download code.

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Track Listings

Launch Loop
A Flutter Echo
Star Sickness
Luxury Discovery
School Of Velocity
Giga Shrug
It’s The Quick
Peaks Beyond Peaks
Ubeatable Slow Machine
Mostly Love, Now

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