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Satis Factory



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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Heavenly
  • Released Date: 21st June 2019
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‘Satis Factory’ is an exploration of the never-ending search for selfgratification. And until recently, having worked full-time as a graphic designer for technology firm MailChimp while simultaneously pursuing her musical dreams, it’s a struggle Mattiel knows well.

“I spent about a solid year-and-a half juggling both jobs full-time,” she explains, and the idea of finding pleasure in the process of selfdiscovery is a concept she directly explores on the reverb-drenched ‘Millionaire’. The first song she penned for the album, the droney jolt of self-reflection directly wrestles with her love-hate relationship with the voyage to personal and creative fulfilment. “Some people become satisfied doing one thing for a very long time, and don’t have the impetus to pursue anything else,” Mattiel says of the inspiration for ‘Millionaire’. “But I’m happiest when I’m continually searching for that satisfaction even though I may never reach it. Because if I’ve totally reached it, I know I’m doing something wrong. It means I’ve become too comfortable.”

For Mattiel, learning to honour her achievements remains a work in progress; it’s something she admits to only acknowledging when onstage and hearing her lyrics sung back to her by her ever-growing audience. “I wish that I had more time to enjoy the ‘It’s all happening’ part,” she says, “but I’m busy doing so many different things.” Yes, despite her growing profile the self-admitted perfectionist has remained extremely hands-on with all facets of her career. “It’s very hard for me to give someone free creative reign on something unless I know them very well,” Mattiel admits. To that end, the multi-talented artist served as co-director alongside filmmaker Matthew Addington for the music video to the album’s jangly guitar-anchored lead track ‘Keep the Change’.

Initial LP pressing on neon yellow vinyl with digital download code.

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Track Listings

Til The Moment Of Death
Rescue You
Je Ne Me Connais Pas
Food For Thought
Keep The Change
Berlin Weekend
Heck Fire
Long Division

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