Sainte Anthony’s Fyre (Plus Poster)

Sainte Anthony's Fyre


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Wild, loud, raw New Jersey hard psych beast from 1970 that’s been a favorite target of record collectors, dealers, aficionados and swamp dwellers for the past few decades. Also described thus: “Totally fucked up, messed up New Jersey hard psych monster that can’t be bettered. Loud, wasted vocals, speedfreak riffing / soloing, bashing rhythm section, like a hayride to hell. To me, one of the all-time best albums if you like drugged-out 60s anarchic hard psych.” Another quality collaboration between Lion Productions and the Vintage/Rockadrome label. Deluxe package includes an 11×17 poster and full size insert with liner notes, press clippings and lyrics.

\”This legendary private press is rated as one of the ultimate local basement hard rock blowouts by many connoisseurs. Released as early as 1970, the end result has some similarities to MC5′s hallowed Kick out the Jams, but I find this a superior and more powerful album” – The Acid Archives

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Track Listings

1. Love Over You
2. Get Off
3. Summer Fun
4. Starlight
5. Lone Soul Road
6. With Your Beau
7. Chance of Fate
8. Wet Back.

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