Big Boy Bloater & the LiMiTs

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  • Genre: Blues
  • Label: Provogue
  • Released Date: 15th June 2018
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Following on from 2016’s Luxury Hobo, Surrey born Bloater re-focusses himself and Pills is a reflection of him having a clearer head. “I guess a lot of stuff happened on the Luxury Hobo tour. Maybe after the depression, my mind’s a bit more open and turned on to things, so I have observed more.” Recorded in December 2017 with producer Adam Whalley, the band trimmed down to a power trio of Big Boy Bloater (Vocals/Guitar), Matt Cowley (Drums) and Steven Oates (Bass) for the new album and it kicks off with the rip-roaring title track Pills, an extension from the previous album and highlights the constant need for pills today but has a sinister edge. “I think the sinister side to it is the pharmaceutical companies want you to take these drugs and they want you to keep on thinking you’re ill so they can sell you tablets. It’s gonna get to the point where you’re taking anti-biotics for everything, eventually they won’t work and we’re all gonna die from a super flu.” Pills marks an even more ambitious direction for The LiMiTs, combining a melting pot of ideas beyond its blues roots and entwines Bloater’s dark humour and personal experiences. “I’m probably never quite serious enough, but I couldn’t do it any other way really,” he says.

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Track Listings

Side A
1. Pills
2. Friday Night's Alright For Drinking
3. The Saturday Night Desperation Shuffle
4. Stop Stringing Me Along
5. Unnaturally Charming
6. Slacker's Paradise

Side B
1. Mouse Organ
2. Oops Sorry (Gaffer Tape & Super Glue)
3. She Didn't Even Buy A Ticket
4. This Ain't Rufus
5. The Digital Number Of The Beast
6. A Life Full Of Debt

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