Metal River

Richard Youngs


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“New album by another favourite artist here at FD, whose work can traverse everywhere from avant-folk or otherworldly pop to minimalist electronics or some of the most fervent ‘outer sounds’ one can dredge from the deepest crevices of their doubtlessly life battle-scarred imagination. On Metal River, Richard Youngs offers four songs of deep space beamed curdled electronics not far removed from being akin to the contorted death caterwauls of a cyborg species reaching out in uttermost anguish. It’s like prime Edgar Froese getting snagged on Incapacitants before tumbling headlong into a dingy cellar that then has its door slammed shut and locked before one notices the only company is accorded by body parts in dusty and mouldy demijohns. Features three songs on the first side, ‘Days of Gravity Indoors’, ‘Metal River’ and ‘Rainy Days Static Caravan’, plus the side long ‘Dual Monody of Accumulated Detritus’. The perfect follow up to the 2dicks 7″ lathe-cut also featuring Richard Youngs and released by FD in June. White vinyl, too. What more could you possibly ask for? “

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Track Listings

Side A
1. Days of Gravity Indoors
2. Metal River
3. Rainy Days Static Caravan

Side B
1. Dual Monody of Accumulated Detritus

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