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Highly acclaimed Manchester three piece I Am Kloot are back on January 21st 2013 with the stunning new album \’Let It All In\’; the follow-up to the Mercury nominated ‘Sky At Night’, which saw the band cement their status as classic British song-makers.

Written by John Bramwell and produced once again by Guy Garvey and Craig Potter from Elbow, the 10 track album is full to the brim with beautiful and atmospheric songs. From the dramatic, almost cinematic orchestral flourishes on the first single \”Hold Back The Night\” to songs such as \”Masquerade\” which sees the band in their purest and perhaps simplest song writing mode, but no less breath-taking for that. Following up \”Sky At Night\” was always going to be tough, but with \”Let It All In\” the band will undoubtedly top those achievements. It is a must have album for any serious music fan.

Listen to the music of I Am Kloot and you may decide that poetry and pop are not such strange bedfellows after all.
One of Britain’s best-loved songsmiths, John Bramwell, paints vivid pictures of the mundane and spectacular in equal measure, immortalising everything from the vastness of space to the kitchen sink banalities of everyday life.

This cult Manchester trio – John Bramwell (vocals/guitar), Andrew Hargreaves (drums), Peter Jobson (bass) – have been together for over a decade now, launching themselves back in 2001 with stunning debut LP ‘Natural History’. It was produced by another fine British institution, Guy Garvey, who would reappear in the annals of Kloot’s peppered history.

Two years later the band put out their self-titled second album on The Echo Label, with singles ‘Life In A Day’, ‘Three Feet Tall’, and ‘Proof’. ‘Gods And Monsters’ followed in 2005 and with it came ‘Over My Shoulder’, a perfect slice of pop that saw the band’s first foray into the Top 40. Having been invited into the studio of the late great John Peel, the band released the BBC Radio 1 John Peel Sessions in 2006 and then took up home with Skinny Dog Records for their fourth studio album.

‘I Am Kloot Play Moolah Rouge’ came out in 2008 and, augmenting the band’s sound with pedal steel guitar and keyboards, was proceeded next year by ‘B’ – a compilation album of b-sides, rare recordings and unreleased material.

Out in 2010, the Mercury nominated ‘Sky At Night’ – with its songs of love and space – was, by comparison to previous offerings, lavish and baroque, but still sparkled with the band’s understated charm. Produced by Guy Garvey with Elbow’s Craig Potter also on board, as the band’s very own Peter Jobson commenting on its genesis: “we were trying to get a whole life on one record – which can be tricky”.

An act as well-known for their consistent record output as well as their grueling live schedules, Kloot ended the ‘Sky At Night’ campaign with 2 seminal sold-out shows at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire & the atmospheric Open Air Theatre in Regent Park that left an audience captivated and anticipating the next step for the 3 Mancunians.

Now the band usher in a new era with the release of the eagerly awaited ‘Let It All In’ LP, out January 21st on their Shepherd Moon Label. It’s been produced by Elbow’s Guy Garvey and Craig Potter and offers ten tracks of enchanting, hypnotic pop, from the bluesy to the burlesque.

As the poet Simon Armitage sums up perfectly: “There’s something familiar and immediate about the sound they make, so much so that even a new song can find a place in the memory vault, even before it’s finished playing, as if we’d been listening to it for years.” You may just agree.

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Track Listings

Side 1
1. Bullets
2. Let Them All In
3. Hold Back The Night
4. Mouth On Me
5. Shoeless

Side 2
1. Even the Stars
2. Masquerade
3. Some Better Day
4. These Days Are Mine
5. Forgive Me These Reminders

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