George Best

Wedding Present, The


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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: PIAS
  • Released Date: 11th October 2019
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    1LP Coloured Vinyl

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The Wedding Present reveal that they will be releasing two new reissues – the band’s celebrated debut ‘George Best’ and the chronologically connected compilation ‘Tommy’ – both to be released through Play It Again Sam.

Stalwarts of the flourishing independent scene from the mid-Eighties onwards and continuing to impact to this day, the band were avidly championed by BBC Radio One’s John Peel and successive early evening DJs.

Precisely thirty-two years to the day that the influential debut album ‘George Best’ was released on their own Reception Records The Wedding Present unveil details of the new version, available as a special edition green vinyl LP comprising the original twelve tracks.

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Track Listings

Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft
What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?
Don't Be So Hard
A Million Miles
All This And More
My Favourite Dress
Something And Nothing
It's What You Want That Matters
Give My Love To Kevin
Anyone Can Make A Mistake
You Can't Moan Can You?

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