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Frankiie, a dream rock band from Vancouver, B.C, four women united by reverb-drenched guitars, and intoxicating harmonies. The powerhouse quartet have quietly and quickly amassed an international musical presence with their captivating sound and performances. After releasing the critically acclaimed EP Girl Of Infinity and spending a significant amount of time on the road the band took a short hiatus only to return with their debut full-length, Forget Your Head. The album focuses on themes of self-love, discovery, all-encompassing doubt and the universal pursuit we all can share in finding true meaning in things, with dream rock sounds marrying the lush qualities of BigThief with an intimate anthemic approach reminiscent of Heart. Lead single “Dream Reader” is described as, “a seductive and effortlessly cool slice of quirky, synth-driven pop. Lush vocals intertwined with an 80’s strut and ethereal mystery provides the perfect backing for your favourite film noir offering. Drifting into your subconscious, it’s a sublime cut of indie chic” (When The Horn Blows).

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Track Listings

  1. Funny Feelings
  2. Dream Reader
  3. Compare
  4. Easy Breezy (Je Sais)
  5. Corner
  6. Glory Me
  7. Nowhere Days
  8. Don't Be Low
  9. Alone Again
  10. Sun Queen
  11. Stone Song

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