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‘Ester’ neatly combines elements including the dream pop of Beach House, the sweet nocturnal melancholy of The xx and the sonic exploration of My Bloody Valentine to form an album that’s streets apart from any of its contemporaries. It’s a great achievement that from the first listen makes it apparent that a lot of people are about to fall in love with this band.

It kicks off with the freeform intro ‘Rolling – Kiss The Universe’ that leads us into Trailer Trash Tracys’ own otherworldy sonic space in which their ideas run unfettered. Deep and hazy sonic textures drift around singer Suzanne Aztoria’s gossamer light vocals. The album then progresses to reveal ever expanding possibilities, running the gamut from the spiralling guitar shreds of ‘Engelhardt’s Arizona’ to the gloriously seductive and brooding pop of ‘You Wish You Were Red’, out to the delicate, pinprick orchestrations of ‘Starlatine’. The smouldering slow-burn of ‘Turkish Heights’, meanwhile, closes the album in poignant style, romantic, dreamy and sincere, revealing a tender heart beating indelibly inside the machine.

Artwork designed by Kurt Ralske of Ultra Vivid Scene.

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Track Listings

Rolling Kiss The Universe
You Wish You Were Red
Dies In 55
Engelhardt’s Arizona
Los Angered
Candy Girl
Strangling Good Guys
Black Circle
Turkish Heights

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