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  • Genre: Krautrock
  • Label: Bacillus
  • Released Date: 12th February 2016
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In 1972 Dschinn released their only album, after the group reformed from earlier projects such as the Dischas or The Hurricanes. With Dschinn the musicians Bernd Capito (lead guitar, vocals, chorus, lyrics), Peter Lorenz (lead vocals, chorus, rhythm guitar), Thanasios Paltoglou (drums, percussion), Uli Mund (drums, percussion), Silvio Verfürth (bass, vocals, chorus) entered new territories in sound, which can be generally described as Hard-Rock. Their selftitetled album is way above average and it left behind most of that times Krautrock releases by many miles. Strong songs, partly with stunning guitar riffs and solid drums, paving the way for lyrical highlights. The last song of the album is a cover of The Yardbirds’ For Your Love, which turned out great. The album was produced in a recording studio in Bremen in 1972. Recommended for fans of Jeronimo, reaction, Blue Cheer, Yardbirds.

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Track Listings

01. Freedom
02. Fortune
03. I'm In Love
04. Train
05. Let's Go Together
06. Smile Of The Devil
07. I Wanna Know
08. Are You Ready
09. For Your Love

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