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Drive Like Jehu


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Repressed again on RED! colored vinyl with liner notes. The San Diego post-hardcore band’s debut album from 1991, containing the legendary Rick Froberg & John Reis guitar team dipped in battery acid, wired to a power station, wailing and screaming, with nervous riffs piled on and taking off for the planet Mars. Both John and Rick were also well-known to bludgeon ear drums in highly respected bands such as Pitchfork, Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, The Sultans, The Night Marchers and Obits. Produced by Drive Like Jehu & Donnell Cameron at Westbeach Recorders. Cover artwork by Rick Froberg.

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Track Listings

01. Caress
02. Spikes To You
03. Step On Chameleon
04. O Pencil Sharp
05. Atom Jack
06. If It Kills You
07. Good Luck In Jail
08. Turn It Off
09. Future Home Of Stucco
10. Monstrosity

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