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Local Girls


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This is it. The debut LP. Bratty, talky scuzzy rock. Grinding bass drives the Neanderthal rhythm section, which is dynamic and strut-inducing. Local Girls have supported Future Of The Left and they could be their annoying younger sister who you secretly love.

Brixtonian misfits Local Girls have scar wounds such as a mini LP, and an EP which celebrated the holy matrimony of Kate and Wills (The Wedding Jitters EP). Now, their defining moment; Deluxe Kicks. Local Girls\’ vocalist, tells witty, edgy stories throughout Deluxe Kicks, and with her quirky but abrasive style she gets you hooked on her English anecdotes. Opener \’Yeah Roy\’ is a perfect example – repetitive and catchy, she forces you to sing the title back to her again and again. One minute rock-out, one minute sweat-out, \’Death From Above\’ is an onslaught of urgent and neck ranging guitar riffery. You get used to being teased with Local Girls – they easily skip from intricate hi-hat syncopation, straight into full on head banging bliss. And they do it again and again and it is FUN. Deluxe Kicks will steal your energy from your body – listen to it loud and with room enough to rock!

Local Girls are : Ginger Bitter, Dolly Kosmos, El Hubris, Rusty L. Jackson.

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Track Listings

1. yeah roy
2. racist tune
3. jesus complex man
4. east london dance party
5. three men in a boat
6. twelve
7. cuckoo
8. nursery
9. death from abover
10. twigs

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